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About Us

The Recruiting Gym is the home of recruitment training.  We help Recruiters and Recruiting leaders learn the skills to succeed in good times and bad. 

Online learning libraries alone do not work, we provide online learning powered by HUMANS!

Our coaches collectively have over 80 years in the Recruitment industry.  They have all run desks, teams and businesses as well as supported thousands of Recruiters and Leaders. 

Members benefit from Live Webinars, Online discussions with coaches and access the wisdom of the crowd.  

When you are confronted with a challenge in your business or your desk you do not want to wait for a training course.  You want answers. 

We are the Recruiters help desk.   

Join us and let us help you in your moment of need.  

Why You Should Join

As recruiters, we are used to doing the heavy lifting to succeed. We know that the more we flex our muscles or challenge our stamina, the greater the results. That’s why we believe that a community of Recruiters, Recruiting Managers and Directors can create something truly great. Join us in the gym and find out for yourself. 

The Gym is supported by Coaches that are there to answer your questions and help with the challenges that come when filling your open vacancies,  recruiting team or business.

Activities We Do

Alex Moyle, Angela Cripps, Katharine Robinson and the other coaches work relentlessly to do the following things for our members:

Answer questions - Just start your post @alex or @ABC-Coach and we will answer

Live Q&A webinars - Ask questions and discuss relevant solutions on our live shows.

Share tools and templates - We have hundreds of tools and templates you can use to help with operational best practice and performance management

Curate the Best of the Rest - We will seek out the best podcasts, articles, videos that will help you with your business challenges

And More.......


£29.99 annual or £2.99 monthly

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$39.99 annual or $4.99 monthly

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All prices exclude sales tax at your local rate.

If you feel you need more help in improving your performance or the performance of your team please feel free to contact Georgie at georgie@recruitinggym.com

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